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Make a Chocolate Egg Bunny Box

Here is a super cute Easter box to make with your Cheeky Monkeys.

  • It's best to print it on card, however paper will work well also.
  • Next, add some colour to the bunny and write the creators name on it, as it will soon be the home of valuable treats.
  • Follow the lines and cut out the template.
  • An adult will have to assist with the internal arm slits. Either use a blade or carefully snip with scissors.
  • Crease and fold on the dotted lines.
  • Bring the ears together from each side, keeping them pressed close (TIP - try pinching the tip of the ears on top of each other while you slide one of the arm slits over.)
  • Nearly there, before you slide the second arm slit over the ears, fill with treats.
  • Without losing the treats, slide the final arm over the slits to complete the Bunny Box.
  • You can even glue a cotton ball tail on the back.

Bunny Box Template

Tag #cheekymonkeyclub or send us a message with a photo or video of them in action.




Happy Easter from Juanita, Cheeky Monkey, Cheekita and the Banana Bunchees  x

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