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Let's Build It

Adventure Highlights

Cheeky Monkey is building a colourful tree house. Help him find and sort his tools, select colour for the walls and design a pattern for the floor. Don't forget your safety gear! 


Lets Build It

Download the complete activity sheet pack here.

Creative Characters


MUSIC - Colourful Tree House by Cheeky Monkey Club 

Sing and dance along as Cheeky Monkey builds his colourful tree house. Follow the sounds and action of the different tools until the job is done!

Rhythm and Rhyme


Using hand actions and this old favourite tune, have the children suggesting different tools they will need when building the tree house. 

Saw - Sawing action with flat hands

Hammer - Fists on top of each other

Screwdriver - Twist wrists

Paint Roller - Roll arms around

Sort and Solve


PROP - Assorted tools and sorting mat 

It's so much fun find where things belong, and putting the tools away is great developing for hand eye coordination.

Use a plastic table cloth and trace the tools (or whatever you are wanting to sort) all over it.  Make sure, they are in an organised order, to allow the children to see where everything is.

Hand out the tools one at a time and let them get to work!

Take a look at our Cheeky Snippet to see how well it works.

Moves and Moods


PROPS - Rubber tiles  

Work together as a team and get building! See if the children to create a pattern using rubber floor tiles.  This is very rewarding and fun to dance on when it's finished. 

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