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Ciao Italy

Adventure Highlights

Cheeky Monkey is in search of the perfect pizza in Italy, Speak Italian, while we build the leaning tower of Pisa, dance the Tarantella with our tambourines and meet Giuseppe the Pizza Chef. Bounissima! I love pizza. 


Ciao Italy

Download the complete activity sheet pack here.

Creative Characters


MUSIC - I Love Pizza by Cheeky Monkey Club 

Mamma Mia, I love a pizzeria. How many pizzas would you like? Easy to follow steps for everyone to join in. Mmmm, I love pizza!

Rhythm and Rhyme


Practice alphabet letter recognition and sounds while singing a simple fun tune. Show the children a letter card with a picture of the ingredient starting with the same letter.

Try singing P for Pizza to; 'Where is Thumbkin - Instrumental'

P for Pizza, P for Pizza, (sound of letter) P P P     P P P 

S for Salami, S for Salami, (sound of letter) S S S     S S S 

O for Olives, O for Olives, (sound of letter) O O O   O O O 

M for Mushrooms, M for Mushrooms, (sound of letter) M M M   M M M

H for Ham, H for Ham, (sound of letter) H H H    H H H

Sort and Solve


How long is the spaghetti? How many meatballs are there?

In a large bowl or bucket place small red balls and a number of different lengths of white rope. You will have to make sure the ropes are not knotted together. Using some tongs, pull out one length of rope to see how long it is. Place it on the ground in a straight stretched out line. Repeat until all the rope is out of the bucket.

The children will love helping with the tongs! Now time to measure the longest and the shortest using a children's measuring tape. Don't forget to count all the meatballs at the end!   

Moves and Moods


Have all of the children sitting in a circle. Show them the picture of the leaning tower of Pisa and then ask them to stand up and lean over like a leaning tower. Lean in different directions: forward, backwards, left & right.  

Explain that there are towers all over Italy and that some of them are leaning. Let's work as a team and make some of our own towers. Place four or five blocks in different areas, indicating where the towers will stand. Hand all of the children a block and explain that they can choose where to place their block however, they must wait for their turn.

Important Note: As the towers gets taller, the children might be frightened of being the “one” to make it fall over. Encourage them to overcome their fears and explain that if it does fall over, we can start again.  

Use lots of excited commentary as each child has their go. 

Once everyone has had a go, tell the children you are going to see how high you can go. Tell them a record number and get them to count each block as it is placed on the tower. Be ready for lots of squeals!

PROGRESSION ACTIVITY - Ask the children to make small groups of 4 or 5 to see if they can build a tower together. Give each group the same number of blocks and see what they do!

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