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Indigenous Dreamtime

Adventure Highlights

Celebrate our traditional custodians and learn their way of life. Listen to Cheeky Monkey play the didgeridoo and dance in a corroboree. Fill the coolamons with delicious honey ants, flowers and colourful berries.

Indigenous Dreamtime

Download the complete activity sheet pack here


Rhythm and Rhyme


MUSIC - Didgeridoo Sounds 

Using clap sticks or clave, make fun rhythms that the children to repeat.

Rhythm Suggestions:

  • Up (click together) & Down (on the ground) 
  • Up, Up, Down  
  • Up, Down, Down, Down 
  • Using pinching fingers, hold the sticks with thumb and pointer finger in a vertical position to click together 
  • Over and under, alternating the sticks on top 

Ask the children to share their rhythms!

Bush Tucker Hunt


There are so many wonderful indigenous artworks on assorted fabrics. When you find one you like, take the time to understand the story of the pictures. Copy the drawings onto cards to show the children what they are looking for.  It's a wonderful way to use our imagination, while hunting for pictures hiding in the artwork. Don't forget to stop and eat what you find! I like to find 10 honey ants, 3 goannas, 6 berries, 2 snakes and some leafy greens! It's important to discuss that you can't eat everything in the bush, as not all food is edible.  

Creative Characters


MUSIC - Follow the Animals by Cheeky Monkey Club 

Dance along with the Australian animals, on your way to Uluru. The Emu runs, the Kangaroo jumps, Koalas climb the tree, the Crocodile snaps, the Platypus swims and the Kookaburra laughs at me.  Enjoy our Dance-a-long Video as you sing and dance with the animals.

Moves and Moods


MUSIC - Didgeridoo Sounds 

Have fun moving like an animal at a corroboree.  What is the animal doing ? 

  • Balance like a brolga  
  • Lay like a lizard 
  • Scratch and twitch like a kangaroo 
  • Slither like a snake  
  • Strut like an emu 
  • Fly like a crane 

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