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Search For Treasur

Adventure Highlights

Ahoy there! Help Cheeky Monkey search for the letter "X". Read the map, row the boat, walk the plank and keep a look out for crocodiles. What treasure will we discover hiding in the large treasure chest?

Treasure Island

Download the complete activity sheet pack here

Creative Characters


RHYME - Looking for Treasure 

We're pirates looking for treasure,

In any kind of weather.

Get your telescopes OUT


We're going to turn the island INSIDE OUT!

Mime putting your pirate gear on and march along to the rhyme. Aargh!

Solve and sort


PROPS - Treasure chest with assorted pirate gear and large flag or fabric. 

Find a treasure chest with interesting collection of goodies. Take out between 5 and 8 items and discuss what the pirate does with each one. Use your imagination!

Placing the items on the floor, cover them with a large pirate flag. It's time to be a naughty pirate and steal some treasure!! Ask the children to hide their eyes because you are going to steal some treasure and they won't know what is missing!!!

 Aaargh! Open eye... what did I steal?

They will love this.. Be sure to talk like a pirate and tell them they are too clever for you..

Moves and moods


MUSIC - Pirates of the Caribbean Theme 

PROP - 3 metres of flat rubber flooring 

How many different ways can you go over the plank? You will be surprised how many times the children want to "walk the plank". Don't forget to get your telescope out and look for the treasure.

Try these fun ways:

  • Forwards 
  • Backwards 
  • Creeping 
  • Tip Toe 
  • Crawling 
  • Jumping 
  • Stomping 

Rhythm and rhyme


MUSIC - Row, row, row your boat 

Off we go looking for Treasure Island in the pirate ship. Use a parachute to row forward and backward (push & pull), over the waves (up and down) and around the island (round and round). Change the tempo of the song by singing slow and fast.

Don't forget to talk like a Pirate! Aargh..

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