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Cheeky Monkey Club engage and entertain children at many educational centres, corporate events and private functions in the Brisbane and surrounding regions.  

Contact us to receive more information about what Cheeky Monkey Club can do for you and your Cheeky Monkeys.



Visit Themes to Explore for our program adventure highlights and FREE ACTIVITY SHEET DOWNLOADS. Check out our Theme Board to see what Interactive Musical Adventures are being offered in 2019. 

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Limited availability for Early Learning Centres, so get in quick!

Contact us to learn more about our 40 minute Interactive Musical Adventure Sessions for children aged 2 - 6 years.

  • Develop Early Literacy and Numeracy skills, 
  • Creative Movement, 
  • Rhythm and Rhyme, 
  • Physical Activity, 
  • Science and Geography 
  • Build confident and happy children.



Children's Performances – Brisbane and surrounding areas

Interactive musical adventures

Here are a few of our popular shows that we love to perform at Festivals, Community Events, Early Learning Centres and Schools. We are always creating and writing new shows, so contact us if you have a specific theme in mind. Just leave it up to us and our imagination!

Special Christmas adventures

A festive story incorporating singing and dancing and special visits from our friends Rudolph, Snowflake the Snow Angel, Goldie the Elf & Frosty Fox. Every Christmas, Cheeky Monkey needs help from his friends to help solve Christmas mysteries to ensure a happy ending. 

Lucky Clucky the Easter chicken

With Easter around the corner, Cheeky Monkey discovers that Lucky Clucky is not having any success laying coloured eggs for the Easter Rabbit. She is rather frazzled and needs some help remembering how to lay different coloured eggs and not just plain white ones. Cheeky Monkey and his friends investigate the problem and with a magical call to the Easter bunny things get hopping along splendidly. 

Alphabet pizza - Learn your ABC's

A delicious story which promotes sharing talents with friends and accepting lessons from others. Cheeky Monkey and his friends have fun teaching Giuseppe to read while creating a delicious alphabet pizza. Learning to read is a skill that we are all challenged with, however, it could just be a piece of pizza. Buonissima! 

Rainbow Hunters - Everywhere explorers

Cheeky Monkey loves the colours of the rainbow and is hunting for them everywhere! He will need help searching for colourful creations in the most unusual places. I wonder how many he will find? Let’s sing, dance, sort and solve this hunting adventure while using our imagination. 

Search for letter X

Oh no! Someone has stolen Cheeky Monkey's treasure. It's time to go on a treasure hunt and look for the Letter X. Everyone will need to help row the boat, balance on the plank and follow the clues on the map. It's going to be so much fun being a pirate and very exciting discovering all the treasure. Watch out for the crocodiles!

Follow the Animals

Cheeky Monkey is on an Australian Outback adventure to Uluru. Singing and dancing along the way, he meets many helpful animals. While admiring the beautiful Australian flora and fauna, he takes a wrong turn! Cheeky Monkey will need everyone's help to get him back on the right track. Cooee!

About Us

Cheeky Monkey Club was established in 2004 when Juanita Mellick Ryder developed a fun, interactive learning program that was entertaining and engaging for young children.

Our Purpose

To entertain and engage children, inspiring positive outcomes.

  • Encourage imagination
  • Move to rhythms & sing rhymes
  • Discover fun facts
  • Explore, sort & solve
  • Build confident & caring children

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