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Where fun learning never stops!

Imaginative fun learning content, inspiring parents and teachers around the world.

EXPERIENCE new songs, ENGAGE through performance and ENJOY our original teaching content. 

Guiding young children to be resilient, thoughtful, imaginative & happy.

Now, are you ready to Have Some Fun?

It's time to hang out with Miss Juanita, Cheeky Monkey & the Banana Bunchees on an Interactive Musical Adventure.


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“I have had the pleasure of having Cheeky Monkey Club visit my classroom over the past few years. The high-quality sessions and shows are unique, creative, inclusive and diverse.

All children are actively involved during the performances and the content has a positive impact on the classroom program. Children feel safe and supported and encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas. The teaching strategies, educational content and unique songs are intrinsically motivating and are used daily as learning instruments in the classroom.

Children are involved in many new experiences and learn new skills which links to their interests and curriculum. Learning experiences created by Juanita Ryder cater for visual, kinaesthetic, auditory, experiential and cooperative learners.”
Pre-Prep Teacher

Our Happy Clients

Gold Coast Convention Centre
Brisbane City Council
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About Us

An imaginative fun place where you can help your friends, experience new songs and stories, interact through performance, explore problem solving content and discover fun facts.

Our Purpose

Inspire teachers and guide parents to entertain and engage children with different fun learning content and ideas.

  • Encourage imagination
  • Move to rhythms & sing rhymes
  • Discover fun facts
  • Explore, sort & solve
  • Build confident & caring children

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