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Prep Incursions for the ultimate in-school experience

checkboxAlign with the Queensland Early Years & Australian Curriculum Guidelines


Engage children emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially.

checkboxSupport and discuss issues of diversity


We understand children

Cheeky Monkey Club has created an original program, enriched with extensive research, development and planning.  
We know that children learn more effectively from positive and interesting experiences.
We understand the importance of building a positive approach to;


 red-starSocial & Personal learning

red-star Health & Physical learning

red-starLanguage & Communicative learning

red-star Early Mathematical understandings  




What do we offer?


red-star A complete range of fun learning themes with original storylines and concepts 

red-star New techniques and content, inspiring creative programming 

red-star Award winning educational tunes created for each themed  adventure


What is included?

red-star40-minute rotating Adventures for each class (or combined class groups – conditions apply)  

red-starTeachers Notes to support programming and scaffolding for extension activities

red-starCheeky Monkey Club Edutainers to present your themed adventure

red-starColourful set and interactive props 

red-starOriginal script and experience


How do I book?

Select your themed adventure and a date in the school calendar. Contact us for a quote and availability today. 
Send Mail OR 1300 880 669


You choose your adventure…

changing season Changing Seasons

    Adventure Highlights

Do you have a favourite time of year? Sing and dance through the wonders of the changing seasons. Have fun with Cheeky Monkey and the Banana Bunchee Edutainers while they discover why rainbows magically appear, why autumn leaves change colour and who else love the rain as much as Cheeky Monkey.


ciao italy  Ciao! Italy

   Adventure Highlights

Join the Banana Bunchee Edutainers and Cheeky Monkey as they tour Italy in search of the perfect pizza. Learn about famous landmarks that captivate tourists from afar. Dance the Tarantella in Sicily, explore the Carnivale in Venice and stomp on the grapes in Tuscany. What time did the clock tower say? Ciao!


build it  Let’s Build It

     Adventure Highlights

   Help the Banana Bunchee Edutainers design a grand plan for Cheeky Monkey’s colourful       treehouse. From the colour of the walls to the pattern on the floor, every detail will be sorted.   Always remembering to follow the building inspectors’ rules and keep the tools tidy! Now where   did Cheeky Monkey put the hammer?



indigenous theme
  Indigenous Dreamtime

      Adventure Highlights

Cheeky Monkey wants to learn more about our traditional custodians, so let’s go exploring. Listen to the sound of the didgeridoo and move like Australian animals. Follow the map of indigenous artwork, looking for bushtucker. Fill our coolamons with delicious honey ants, goannas and berries. Cooee!


under the sea  Under the Sea

     Adventure Highlights

Have you ever wondered what lies at the bottom of the sea? Well, it’s land of course and lots of magical mysteries. Deep sea dive with the Banana Bunchee Edutainers under the sea to play with the colourful seaweed, watch the sea star grow a leg and learn how pearls are made. Don’t forget your underwater camera and help Cheeky Monkey look for banana prawns! 



super solar

  Super Solar System

      Adventure Highlights

 Blast off with Cheeky Monkey and the Banana Bunchee Edutainers as they count down to explore the solar system. Learn about the planets spinning around the sun and the twinkling stars up above. Float on the moon, catch falling stars, watch the comets fly and drive the Rover on Mars. i wonder if we will meet any aliens?






  Join the Circus

     Adventure Highlights

Attend circus school with the Banana Bunchee Edutainers and practise your circus skills. Spin the hula hoops, juggle the scarves and make the rabbit disappear. Perform faces of the stage while exploring mime, highlighting different ways of communicating with an audience. Don’t forget to bring your silly ears, or you won’t understand the silly whistle. What will Cheeky Monkey wear today? Ta dah!



treasure search Search for Treasure

   Adventure Highlights

Ahoy there! Before the Banana Bunchee Edutainers open the treasure chest, Cheeky Monkey wants everyone to prove they are a pirate. Time to row the boat, walk the plank and follow the map. Everyone will have to be brave, not silly, scared or sleepy. There is loot to sort while Pongo the Parrot has a chit chat. However, he might need reminding that parrots don’t talk like that!



bookk week Book Week Theme

   Adventure Highlights

Every year brings a new adventure celebrating books and the powers of reading. The perfect addition to your annual Book Week celebrations. Contact us to find out this year’s storyline and theme.



have fun

Themed Adventure Learning Outcome – Changing Seasons

     Learning Outcome Tables and Teachers Notes are available for all Interactive Musical Adventure Themes.    

Early Learning Areas

Specific Learning Focus

Key Learning Areas

Language Learning &


Oral language

  • Rhyming through song



Early literacy

  • Letter Petals






Early Mathematical


Early numeracy

  • How many Autumn leaves
  • Spider sizes
  • Rainbow Arches
  • Recognising Patterns





Social & Personal Learning

Social learning

  • Rainbows
  • Spiders
  • Snow
  • Rain & Thunder
  • Different Seasons




Personal learning

  • Why is it my favourite time?
  • How does it make me feel?






Health & Physical Learning

Making healthy choices

  • Allergies



Gross motor

  • Frog balance & catch
  • Rainbow Ribbons
  • Mud puddles



Fine motor

  • Working with leaves
  • Handling beanbags





Active Learning Processes



  • Who knew?




  • What happens now?



Imagining and responding

  • Sort and solve together




  • Song & Dance

The Arts



Professional Testimonials

Janine McConnell
Early Primary Years Teacher

My school has had Cheeky Monkey Club visit our prep classes on many occasions to perform several of their fabulous shows.

Their performances always hit the mark with appropriate interest level for that age group and by encouraging active participation throughout the show.  They are fun, engaging, energetic and have a very catchy playlist which you can purchase on CD.

It’s very easily justified to book a performance too, as the shows correlate with the Australian Curriculum.  They fit in nicely with many of the subject areas.

As an experienced teacher I have organised many different incursions for children and the overall feedback from both teachers and children on a Cheeky Monkey Club visit is always how fantastic these shows are.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you lock in this wonderful experience for your class.

You won’t be sorry!


Dr Kris Kerr

MBBS (Hons 1), FRCPA, AmusA, AmusTCL (dist.), Certified Trainer in the Process Communication Model


I am a specialist medical doctor with additional training in effective communication and emotional intelligence. When I first learnt of Juanita Ryder's Cheeky Monkey Club, I was struck with the obvious similarities between her educational ethos and that of the scientifically validated Process Communication Model that I teach.  The four colours in the Cheeky Monkey Club had clear parallels with the six different perceptual frames of references.


Green - Imagination and Emotion

Children learn to explore their imagination, reflect about what it might be like to be someone else, explore a different range of emotions, exercising “What if…”, and develop empathy for those who are not like themselves.  

Blue - Logic and judging: Children learn to take in facts and draw logical conclusions, exercising “If this… then that …”.  Children also learn right from wrong, the basis of opinions.  

Yellow - Creation: Children learn to be spontaneous, playful and creative

Red - Action: Children learn to do first and plunge in the deep end and adapt to the consequences.  


I wholeheartedly endorse Cheeky Monkey Club and believe all children should have the opportunity to participate in this cleverly written, well executed program.

How do I book?

Select your themed adventure and a date in the school calendar. Contact us for a quote and availability today. 
Send Mail OR 1300 880 669



About Us

An imaginative fun place where you can help your friends, experience new songs and stories, interact through performance, explore problem solving content and discover fun facts.

Our Purpose

Inspire teachers and guide parents to entertain and engage children with original fun learning content and ideas.

  • Encourage imagination
  • Move to rhythms & sing rhymes
  • Discover fun facts
  • Explore, sort & solve
  • Build confident & caring children