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Changing Seasons

Adventure Highlights

Do you know Cheeky Monkey's favourite season? Spin the season wheel, sing and dance with the colourful rainbows and jump on the lily pads while balancing frogs. Watch the flowers grow, play in the snow and catch the falling autumn leaves. 


Changing Seasons

Download the complete activity sheet pack here

Creative Characters


MUSIC - A Rainbow Cheer by Cheeky Monkey Club 

Learn the colours of a rainbow while performing this exciting rainbow dance. You can create colour groups, and when the different colours are sung, each group can jump up!

Follow our A Rainbow Cheer Dance-a-long Video, it's lots of fun. 

Rhythm and Rhyme


A popular rhyme, sung with a twist. Introduce the theme of allergies with the help of a sneezing spider. Ahh Choo!

  • Igsy Bigsy Spider hides underneath the leaves 
  • I wonder if we'll hear, Igsy Bigsy sneeze? 
  • Igsy Bigsy spider loves the Autumn leaves 
  • But! Igsy Bigsy spider has ALLERGIES..  

Sort and Solve


We use frog beanbags or plastic frogs, however you can  print and laminate frog pictures for all the children to hold. You will also need some large lily pads (A4 size is fine) 

This activity requires the children to place a frog on a lily pad, however each lily pad will only fit a maximum number of 4 frogs before it sinks!

You will need: 6 lily pads for 24 children 

Show the children how to place a frog carefully (not throwing) on the lily pad . Work your way around the circle until all of the frogs have been safely placed. 

Talk to the children and ask them which lily pad is safe or which pad is now full. Have fun with numeracy, as you alter the task. Maybe each lily pad can fit one more? Or, there might be a spare lily pad.. How many frogs can we fit?

Moves and Moods


Watching the leaves fall, has a calming effect on the children. Ask the children to try and catch the leaves that fall close to them. When the leaves have finished falling, collect them from the ground and throw them in the air on the count of three. 

Autumn leaves are available from our Shop in assorted colours. Alternatively, you can cut leaves out of soft fabric.

  • The Leaves are falling, falling to the ground 
  • The leaves are twirling, twirling round and round 
  • They're floating peacefully 
  • Floating from the tree, 
  • Let's test your ability, 
  • To catch the leaves that you see! 
  • I caught 1 (clap) 
  • I caught 2 (clap, clap) 
  • I caught 3 (clap, clap, clap)  
  • I caught 4 (clap, clap, clap, clap) 

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